Are AI Robots the Future of Construction?

August 14, 2018

Robots aren't new to construction. They've been used on several occasions for stacking materials, such as thousands of bricks quickly or in nonstandard patterns. Robots have even been used to tie rebar on bridges, which saves countless hours of human labor.

Autodesk's BrickBot, however, has recently shown that artificial intelligence can be used to autonomously carry out complex tasks. Thus far, these bots have been programmed with 3D models to erect Lego structures, which the development team hopes can be scaled up for use in factory and construction. The bots use industrial robotic arms with cameras and sensors attached to create neural networks that allow them to process and respond to collected data. They can even adapt to their environment using this technology.

Looking to the future, Autodesk plans to work with manufacturing and construction industry leaders to see how the BrickBots can be used in the industries.

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Are AI Robots the Future of Construction?