Are Drones the Future for Construction?

June 06, 2018


No longer just for ambitious photographers and tech junkies, drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are taking the construction industry by storm. In fact, many in the industry swear by the invaluable usability of these devices, especially for superintendents and project managers. The ability to manage work, progress, and safety standards has never been more timely and cost-effective.


Broadly, drones can be used to collect and report data quickly, immediately uploading information to a server, widely decreasing valuable work time collecting data manually and allowing more time to make use of that data collected. In addition to long battery lives and high-resolution cameras, Drones have the ability to read geothermal levels and employ 3D cameras that can provide incredibly accurate maps and data about terrain when surveying an area. In this way, time and labor is drastically decreased and accuracy increased with the use of drones.


Very practically, drones can survey a jobsite regularly, aiding in the prevention of accidents, injuries, and theft. Additionally, drones can also be used to reach locations that would otherwise require expensive equipment like cranes and safety hazards, including structures over bodies of water or superstructures.


Lastly, communication between workers, project managers, superintendents, investors, and clients can be improved with the use of drones. With surveillance and other video footage, progress of a project can be reported in real-time, which can assist in efforts to avoid delays and cut down on time spent relaying that information between necessary individuals. This can also assist in the marketing of a project or service.

Have you seen Magellan's time lapse videos on our Facebook page? Not only is it cool to watch the erection of a brand new structure, but it further proves the usefulness of real-time video footage on a construction site. For more information on our efforts to improve your construction project, give us a call today!


Are Drones the Future for Construction?