Interview with Larry Thibodeaux, WCC Furnitre

October 15, 2014

Magellan Construction (MC): Hey Larry, thanks for taking time to talk with us about your commercial construction project. Now that the steel framing is up, the building is really starting to take shape. How do you feel about the progress of your new building?

Larry Thibodeaux (WCC): Our project is moving ahead of schedule, which is pretty amazing considering the amount of rain we have had. 

MC: Great, so is Magellan Construction meeting your expectations?

WCC: Magellan is exceeding my expectations. I have to say, I feel very confident about the project, and I have a lot of confidence in the Magellan Construction team. There is always a superintendent at the work site, and they are very easy to talk to. They can always answer my questions, and show me what’s new at the site.

MC: Have you hit any bumps in the road during this first segment of construction.

WCC: We did run into a problem with the alignment of our duct work for the A/C unit, but all I had to do was talk to Erik, my project manager, about it, and we found a solution to move a wall and have all of the duct work covered. 

MC: Were you able to pick out all of your materials for your project?

WCC: Magellan was able to put me in contact with a designer, and that was a great help. They narrowed down the selection, and helped us decide what all we wanted.

Would you recommend Magellan Construction to a friend or colleague?

WCC: Yes! One thing I have to say about the entire Magellan team is that they have so much confidence. I have worked with other companies before, and they say they can maybe get something done, but with Magellan they tell me up-front, “yes sir we can do that for you.” They really follow through with everything they said they would do. I feel really good with my selection of Magellan Construction and can’t wait to be in our new building!

Interview with Larry Thibodeaux, WCC Furnitre