Specialty: Plasma Centers

May 09, 2018

Having serviced several plasma centers over the years, we pride ourselves in our ability to work with plasma donation centers to effectively create functional facilities that will inevitably save lives.

Plasma donation centers are critical in our society because they start the process of creating and manufacturing lifesaving medicine for people in need. From serious burns and trauma to immune deficiency and bleeding disorders, plasma can assist in the treatment of several life-threatening conditions.

Due to the nature of the work, all plasma centers must meet the standards of FDA regulations and industry guidelines. Magellan has the experience to do so, providing several plasma companies with effective, reliable facilities to complete their life-saving work for safe plasma collection and storage.

Facilities like these include lobby areas, cubicles, conference rooms, donation area with lounge tables and support equipment for plasma collection machinery, pressurized and temperature regulated storage equipment, etc.

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Specialty: Plasma Centers