Veterans in the Construction Industry

November 11, 2018

Sam Zavosh, a founder of the United Veterans Housing Coalition, recently teamed up with the U.S. Veterans Magazine to discuss the value of veterans in the construction industry. He stated, "I believe [veterans] are a special caliber of human, with character traits any manager would wish for in all employees. Veterans excel at getting the job done and doing it in the most efficient way possible."

Zavosh also mentions that veterans seem to gravitate towards building and managing, and that they look at budgets and deadlines as welcomed challenges. He continued his praise, saying, "I firmly believe that, with the proper training and opportunities, veterans can succeed in the construction field better than any other group." The jobs that serve as the best matches for veterans, according to Zavosh, are building inspectors, OSHA compliance trainers/inspectors, carpenters, framers, and general contractors.

The United Veterans Housing Coalition, based in Los Angeles County, CA, was founded in 2015 and strives to accomplish three main goals:

  1. Build housing for homeless veterans
  2. Employ and train veterans looking for jobs, paying special attention to what they enjoy doing most
  3. Help cure PTSD
Not only does the UVHC build veteran housing, often in the form of complexes that house 15-50 veterans, but they also offer onsite PTSD care with professionals, activities for the mind, schooling, training, transportation to and from appointments, and large shared kitchens. Veterans are housed on a need basis, whether they're there long enough to gain support and tools to start a career and move on, or they need the housing and resources permanently. UVHC won't turn anyone away; they're working to end veteran homelessness for good.

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Veterans in the Construction Industry