During our construction process, Magellan construction functions as an extension of your staff.  We strive to provide seamless contract delivery systems to ensure the success of each project. Learn more about our contract delivery methods below.

Construction Management at Risk (CMR)

This contract delivery system is similar to the Design-Bid-Build construction system, in that the CMR acts as a general contractor during construction. The CMR holds the risk of subletting the construction work to trade contractors and typically guaranteeing completion of the project for a fixed, negotiated price once the design is completed. However, in this arrangement, the CMR also provides advisory management assistance to the owner prior to construction, offering schedule, budget, and construction advice during the project planning and design phases. Thus, instead of a traditional general contractor, the owner deals with a hybrid CM/general contractor.

contract delivery methods

Program Management at Risk (PMR)

In this system, the role of the CMR is applied to multiple projects of similar scope and function are required by a single owner.

Agency Construction Management (CMA)/ Construction Manager (CM)

This management process can be implemented regardless of the project delivery method. In CMA, the owner utilizes a CM as its principal agent to advise on or manage the process over the life of the project, or specific phases of the project.

Program Management (PM)

Program Management is the practice of professional Construction Management applied to a capital improvement program of one or more projects.


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