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When looking for a construction company, you will see two very common words: residential and commercial. While many people have a surface level understanding of these different types of construction, Magellan Construction has delved deeper into how and why commercial and residential construction varies.


Let’s start at the beginning. The core difference between the two types of construction can be found in the definitions. Commercial construction represents construction of a building used for commercial purposes such as stores, medical offices, schools, and company offices.

Whereas, residential construction encompasses construction meant for people to live in, so think housing complexes, apartments, and homes.


The basics of commercial and residential construction also differ. Most residential buildings have a timber frame that is cheaper and requires less reinforcements. On the other hand, commercial buildings are usually made with steel frames that offer more support. Using malleable steel as the framework allows for taller buildings to sway slightly and endure higher wind speeds. Since steel is a little more costly than timber, commercial buildings are also usually pricier.


Generally speaking, labor costs will be higher for commercial construction due to most commercial projects running on a tight schedule. Commercial projects require different permits than residential construction and the regulations are more strict for commercial construction. The saying “time is money” may as well have been invented in the commercial construction scene.


Magellan Construction is proud to specialize in commercial construction. Feel free to contact us for more information or for a quote on your next project!