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It is no secret that the world is constantly and promptly changing in every industry. With the hit of COVID, the construction industry is one of the only areas that saw an increase in demand instead of a decrease. Just look at what happened to the price of lumber. With this increase in demand, the construction industry will need to find innovative ways to handle the influx of projects coming their way in order to maximize potential profits without burning out workers and resources. The best way to do this is to look at which direction the industry is heading in order to base business decisions off of what will be needed the most in the coming years.

Analysts are predicting that future trends will focus on safer practices, environmental awareness, and efficiency. As of late, there has been a push for companies and individuals alike to start doing things the “green” way in efforts to preserve our thought-to-be dying planet. Construction companies that find ways to do build that are still environmentally friendly without sacrificing efficiency will become favorites as the industry evolves.

On top of doing things the environmentally friendly way, affordability for builders and buyers is key. Many businesses had to downsize to stay alive in the pandemic which led to a myriad of layoffs. Although the unemployment rates are leisurely returning to normal, many people had to dip into savings that were reserved for buying property in order to stay afloat amidst the uncertainty. If the construction industry, specifically the residential sector, wants to stay in the game, they will need to find ways that allow for affordable construction processes that allow for cheaper sale rates. Look for an increase in the pre-constructed modular homes to satisfy this consumer need.

Moving into the planning procedures, 3D printing is quickly becoming a dynamic technique for architects to tweak buildings before the construction process starts. This allows for companies to find problems in their calculations before it can cause problems on site. Fixing these problems early on will allow for companies to save money on wasted time and resources.

3D printing is not the only technology to emerge that will drastically change the construction industry. The development of robotic systems will allow for the construction industry to expand and create more jobs in the economy. Robotics will enable underwater or below ground work where it is too dangerous to send human workers. However, expanding into underwater or below ground projects will require humans to control and program the machines. The progression of VR headset technology would be an optimal way to control these systems in dangerous climates

Similarly, exoskeletons could develop in the construction industry. This machinery could allow for workers to lift, carry, and pull more without inducing strain. Exoskeletons will provide extra safety on worksites that may entice workers to join the labor pool and consequently increase companies bandwidth to take on more projects.

These predictions may seem far off, but the technology to implement them is closer than one may think. Not to mention the creations that have yet to be thought of. Either way, Magellan Construction is dedicated to staying up to date with the latest trends and technology in order to serve our community and clients to the best of our ability.