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All construction projects consist of various moving parts that all must work together smoothly to ensure all time and budget restrictions are upheld. Recently, supply chain disruptions have ruled the headlines of many major news outlets. Although there are numerous variables that affect supply chains, material handling is paramount to the construction industry.

Material handling is defined as the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal, and incorporates a wide range of automated, semi-automated, and manual systems and equipment. Material handling is involved with almost every material needed for a project from the lumber to the bolts and from the steel to the paint. The material handling systems vendors have in place affect various aspects from the manufacture of the material to the transportation of the materials.

Material handling falls under logistics management during a project which means it is up to the project manager to ensure all systems involved are up to the standards of the company. Your project manager is also responsible for ensuring everyone on site is aware of how the system works so that safety remains the primary consideration. At Magellan Construction, our top-notch project managers are well-versed in the processes involving material handling and will ensure your project meets our promised quality standards.