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The technology of the world is advancing more and more each day. Every industry, including the construction industry, is being challenged to keep up with these changes. Magellan Construction is no different as we aim to not only meet but exceed industry standards in every aspect of the project.

Real-time rendering has been around for years, but as virtual reality technology advances, so has the rendering. Real-time rendering is a tool for architectural visualization that makes use of light to produce a photorealistic 3D image. These images, which are calculated at high speeds, are as close to reality as you can get. Since many of these renderings work in direct synchronization with CAD, they are interactive and will adjust as you make changes to the dimensions of things.

In the construction industry, real-time rendering can allow customers to better visualize every aspect of their project and make adjustments prior to the start of construction. Not only will this allow project managers a better idea of what the customer is looking for, but it can also save time and money throughout the construction process. The rendering may show when certain dimensions or aspects of a project are incompatible with another part and allow the architectural and construction teams to find a solution without ever having to waste a resource.

Once all the measurements and details of a project have been ironed out, virtual reality technology can be utilized for customers to walk through the rendering as if they are in a video game. Magellan Construction looks forward to seeing more on how real-time rendering will affect the design process.