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Although the design-build process has been around for centuries, it has recently seen a resurgence in popularity in the construction industry. Once considered an alternative strategy for construction projects, nearly half of the projects in the nation are using the design-build method today. The design-build process generally follows five steps.

1. Team Selection
The first step of the design-build process is selecting the team that will work on the project. This generally includes a construction firm, an architect, and engineers. By selecting the team first, innovation and collaboration are naturally encouraged throughout the entire process.

2. Project Planning
In this phase of the design-build process, a plan is drawn up according to the vision and estimated budget for the project. This step includes developing preliminary drawings and schedules as well as an analysis of the anticipated site for the project.

3. Design
Now that you are around the halfway mark of the process, although not the project, the collaboration really starts to kick in. The step of the plan benefits from input from everyone on the team. Because of this, the blueprints will show more accurate drawings. By allowing everyone in the team to be a part of the design process, you reduce the risk of constructability issues later down the line.

4. Establishing a Guaranteed Maximum Price
Once all the designs are finished, it is time to open the bidding process for the subcontractors. A guaranteed maximum price (GMP) is the highest set price for a project that the team cannot go over. If something does go over this set price, it is up to the design-builder, not the owner, to pay the difference.

5. Construction
Now that all the planning is finished, the more labor-intensive work is set to begin. Since all team members collaborated from early on in the project, the construction portion of the project should go smoothly with limited, if any, speed bumps in the road.

The design-build process can benefit projects of any budget or size. Studies have shown that this process helps keep costs in line with the budget and often translates to quicker project schedules. For more information on whether or not the design-build process is right for your next project contact Magellan Construction.