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Every project has different needs and codes to follow. One of the biggest examples of this is medical construction. The team at Magellan Construction is ready to help you with your next medical construction, and we have compiled a list of the top three things to remember when diving into a new medical construction project.

Resilience Planning
This is especially important in South Louisiana, where Magellan Construction is headquartered. With a hurricane season that can span almost half the year, it is important that any medical facilities built in this area can withstand as much inclement weather as possible. Along the same lines, medical facilities will need to have a way to evacuate any patients in case of flooding or other instances where the facility will need to completely shut down.

Think of the Flow
It is critical to keep in mind how patients are going to move through your facility. A crowded waiting room that does not lead patients to the front desk or exam rooms will only cause chaos. You also do not want the layout of your facility to be so convoluted that patients get lost or turned around. The environment created by your facility will have a big psychological impact on your patients as well and can either make them feel anxious and overwhelmed or calm and stable.

Be Adaptive
If COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that the medical industry needs to be ready for anything. On top of constantly evolving medical technology, your medical facility needs to be able to change with the times in order to give your patients the best care possible.

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