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The hurricane season occurs annually between June 1st and November 30th. Over the years, Louisiana has experienced 54 hurricanes since 1851, with 17 ranking between Category 3 and Category 5. Other states, including Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, and Massachusetts, have also suffered significant hurricane damage. In certain regions, hurricanes cannot be avoided, and businesses have limited time to prepare once a hurricane watch is announced – usually 48 hours before the expected tropical-storm-force winds.
To ensure your business can endure the sustained winds of tropical storms and hurricanes, it’s essential to reinforce the structure of your building using durable materials such as concrete or steel and create a strong connection between the structure and foundation. Also, roof overhangs are vulnerable to wind uplift forces, which increase the risk of damage from a hurricane.
Installing impact-resistant windows and doors can help protect your business from wind and debris. Windows that are double-paned with airtight seals and doors made of heavy metal materials are the best defense against hurricane damage. Elevated structures are also necessary to prevent flooding, and on-site generators are crucial for resuming business operations after a storm.
Installing hurricane shutters during construction and latching them before a storm hits can help prevent interior damage. Regularly maintaining your business facilities can help keep your business intact, especially if you live in an area that frequently experiences hurricanes or tropical storms. Ensure that all roof-mounted equipment is securely attached to prevent damage during a storm or water intrusion into the building.
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