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Choosing the right location for your construction project is a critical step that can significantly impact your business’s future success and feasibility. Several key factors must be considered before deciding where your new location will be built. Magellan Construction has vast experience in new construction across the United States. We begin with a design, a plan, and a budget, and then we bring together every resource and team member to create the best possible project for your organization.

The topographical features of a potential construction site can greatly influence your project’s complexity and costs. Flat terrain might seem easy to work with, but it could pose drainage challenges that lead to water accumulation issues. On the other hand, hilly or sloped landscapes can introduce erosion concerns, and creative landscaping might be required to ensure proper water management and maintenance accessibility.

Given the unpredictability of weather patterns, assessing the potential for flooding and ensuring your construction meets floodplain regulations is essential. Easy road access is also an important part of any business’s success, especially in the construction stages, where supplies and equipment will need to be transported to and from the building site.

While certain modifications are necessary for site suitability, you must also evaluate if these changes fit within your budget. Investigate the cost of acquiring and compacting fill-grade earth under structures, walkways, and driveways. Ensure your budget accommodates these expenses and the potential for unforeseen contingencies. 

In conclusion, selecting a construction project location goes beyond mere aesthetics. It involves comprehensively evaluating topography, environmental factors, floodplain requirements, financial considerations, and adherence to local building codes. Taking the time to address these factors early in the decision-making process can save you substantial time, money, and effort down the road. By choosing to work with Magellan Construction, you’ll be setting the stage for a successful construction project that meets both your goals and the needs of the environment and community around it.