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In the construction industry, a concept that has risen in popularity over the years is the design-build process. Magellan Construction offers this cohesive, streamlined alternative to traditional construction methodologies, effectively uniting design and construction under one contract, one team, and one unified workflow from conception to completion. We bring together every resource and team member to create the best possible project for your organization.

Design-build is a full-service construction method that provides clients with a single point of contact for a project’s design and construction phases. It ensures efficient communication, reduces misunderstandings, and fosters a synergistic relationship between all stakeholders.

The design-build process begins with the discovery stage, where the project’s needs, goals, and constraints are carefully defined. Discovery is followed by the design phase, where architects and engineers collaborate to formulate a comprehensive, practical, and aesthetically pleasing design that aligns with the client’s objectives.

The next stage is the pre-construction phase, where detailed planning takes place. It includes securing necessary permits, identifying potential issues, and setting up a project timeline. Following this, the construction phase commences. The construction team, already familiar with the design, can effectively transform these plans into reality while adhering to predefined quality, cost, and time parameters.

Finally, after construction, the project moves to the post-construction phase, which involves final inspections, punch list completions, and project transfer to the client.

One of the most significant advantages of design-build construction is its integrated nature. The team works collectively to address problems and propose solutions, which leads to higher-quality results, improved cost efficiency, and reduced project duration. Additionally, the design-build team shoulders the risk rather than the client, boosting this method’s appeal.

In conclusion, the design-build process is a potent model that streamlines construction, fostering collaboration and ensuring smoother, more efficient project delivery. It’s an approach that Magellan Construction continues to use in order to reshape and enhance the construction process, one project at a time. To learn more about how we can provide your business with a streamlined, cost-effective project solution, contact us today.